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Jun. 7th, 2010


[Fourth Rose]: [Locked to DATS Royal Base Medical Ward team]

Uhm... hi!

I'm Ilyana Rydel and I just got hired for the medical team. I just wanted to introduce myself before I started work and hopefully get to know whoever I'm working with.

So... hi. Again. [nervous laugh] Sorry...

Jun. 5th, 2010


[Third Rose] : [Locked from hostiles] [directed towards DATS] [Locked from Daisuke but open to Dart]


This... may not be the best time to ask this question but...

I'm looking for work, and I was specifically looking in to DATS...

I was going to school for a degree in homeopathic medicine and botany before I... left, and I was looking in to getting in to the nursing field, so I was hoping to look at something medical.

Unfortunately... I was injured when I arrived, so I might not be able to start right away. I'm just sort of... covering my bases right now, seeing who I even need to talk to.

Thank you in advance.

OOC: Attention solluna_city players

If you were part of the game solluna_city please remove_friend ivyalchemist

If you're in digital_dive apologies for the spam.

May. 31st, 2010


[Second Rose]: [Video] [Locked from Hostiles]

[Ana is sitting in her room, tuning a shiny new violin that's sitting on her lap. Lalamon comes bouncing in, sitting on Ana's head and looking down.]

Wassat, Ana?

A violin.

Ouuuhhh... 'spretty. ... whatd'ya do with it?

[chuckles] You play it. It's a musical instrument.

... COOL! Play it, Ana, play it!

Okay, okay, hang on...

... that was so pretty...

[Ana blushes a little] Thanks, Lalamon...

May. 18th, 2010

[Partner] Lalamon

[First Rose]: [From Rise Bracer] [Locked from hostiles]

My partner just arrived and she's in very, very bad condition! We're in D'Ango forest! I managed to bandage her wounds as best I could, but she still needs medical attention stat!

Please sent help qu-- A-Ana, what are you doing! You need to sit down!

[pained grunting, rustling like some one is trying to move or walk very awkwardly]

I-I need to find Hex...
Who? Honey, they're probably not even here...

N-no... my brother wouldn't... abandon me... he wouldn't...



[Comm cuts out]

Apr. 6th, 2010


Ilyana's Solluna History

Solluna Log History

Week 1, Day 1

Ana's Arrival

Ana meets Peter

Ana leaves to look for her brother

Ana is attacked, meets Nei'ess and her brother Hexan, all find sanctuary at the library

Ana and Nei'ess search the library while waiting for Hex to return, meet Tyr

Ana and Neiess meet up with Simera

Hex returns to the library with Rory, Simera runs off

The team finds Simera with a dead Gimacat, Ana has a slight freakout thinking she might be a homonculi

The team attempts to make dinner from their kill

Ana manages to make a stew out of the meat, but winds up in an argument with Rory and wanders off

While moping, Ana encounters Micas. Eventually manages to find a place to fall asleep later.

Day 2

Ana is woken up for a meeting with the other library residents, but argues with Rory yet again. Hex attempts to comfort but she sends him off, eventually running in to Tyr again and...

Is later dragged forcibly to the meeting by Nei'ess' sprites

A break for food sends the girls to the 'jar-house' (where they gathered canned food before) where they encounter and kill a gimacat, intending to bring it home for food. Ana transmutes a push cart out of an old car.

The girls bring the cart, their food, and gimakittens back to the library to Tyr, but are caught by surprise by Silence's arrival and his battle with a monster from his world. The Demon Mara arrives to assist.

Ana asks for help, but Mara has a price. After the monster's defeat, Mara takes Ana away from the library.

Ares rescues Ana via bartering her time for Ana's, and Ana is taken back to the fountain with Kasuga, Ghost, and Leirian

Hex and Nei'ess come to get Ana

Hex and Ana go in to a nearby house to recover for a while, and share a strange more-than-siblings moment. Later on the way back home they encounter more dangerous creatures.

The group finally makes it back to the library, meets two new arrivals (Linex and Dart) and finally end the day and go to bed.

(Time Skip)

Week 2, Day 1

Ana and Hex are sent to the basement to attempt to fix the water pipes, get lost in the dark and eventually run in to medic Penny.

Unfortunately her discussion with Penny about alchemists (and her nickname back home of Ivy) prompts a freak out from Rory, that in turn drives Ana completely away from the library.

Wandering off, Ana hides in a house, only to encounter a very hungry, angry dog. Tyrus attacks, Ana fights back, but sustains an injury in the process and passes out after falling through weak floor boards on the second floor.

Ana wakes up and tries to head back home. Rory comes to her rescue, saving her from a gimahawk. With Leirian and Kit's help they manage to get back to the library intact.

Ana and co return.

Hex attempts to comfort Ana again, the only way he could think of (partially handwaved)

Day 2

Ana attempts to do laundry, runs in to Rory along the way.

Washing up, she has a conversation with the dragon Kit and...

returns to give back Hex his clothes, mistaking their behavior for anger and going to sulk in the front of the library again.

Leirian finds her and gives her another option: get away from the others for a while and go to the fountain with him

Ana arrives at the fountain, gets cleaned up and given new clothes, then is recruited in to clearing out an old bakery, but not before a stranger causes problems and forces Ani to send her away.

Ani finds her later and apologizes for yelling, and she gets a chance to show off her alchemy while helping clear out the bakery.

Problems continue outside the fountain, prompting Ani to leave and Ana to worry over him. She winds up being pulled in to help a very damaged and bleeding Ghost while trying not to freak out over the appearance of a girl named Rosa who resembles a male classmate from her world. She passes out, and is comforted by Leirian in a dream scape, convinced by him that she can be her own person.

Later, she helps heal Ghost further by re-growing a dead tree with her alchemy and allowing Robin to use his own magic to speed up his healing process. After that she finally gets some sleep.

Day 3

Ana wakes up the next day and after a small talk with Leirian and...

Goes berry picking with some of the fountain team.

(From here Ana's activity ceased and some time later Solluna basically died as an active game, but it is assumed that the conference went off without a hitch, the tribes began working together to try and survive, and Ana remained with the fountain for some time, until going off with a hunting team and never returning. This is the point where she's pulled in to Digital Dive, but she dies in Solluna's verse due to an attack.)

Jan. 21st, 2008



[Voice Logging Activated]

[huffhuff] Wha...?

[huff] Voice...logging? ...OH! The journals! The journal entires! [pantwheeze]

Gotta stop...catch my breath...

I don't...know if I'm even remotely close...but I came out of the hospital - I'm pretty sure its a hospital by the look of it, and what was inside - and I left that guy back there...but I had to. He'll be okay...

I hope...

Hex! Hex if you see this...I don't know if you can respond, but please! Find a way to tell me where you are!

[Voice Logging Terminated]